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101 Dauphin Street Van Antwerp Building, 1906 The Van Antwerp Building was designed by George Rogers, and is the first reinforced concrete building constructed in Mobile and at 11 stories was its earliest skyscraper.

It remains an important landmark in downtown Mobile.

A contemporary balcony was added during a 1991 renovation.

First National Bank Building, 1906 This two-story Classical Revival brick, stone, and terra cotta building was designed Watkins, Hutchisson and Garvin.Back to Map 102 Dauphin Street Levy Wolverton Building, circa 1875 Currently a two-story building with rounded windows with cast iron hoods on the second floor; this building was originally three stories.The decorative sills for the third floor windows are still visible at the cornice line.The last decades of the 19th Century brought the Victorian era and Revivalism which continued into the 20th Century. Mc Dermott, president of the Bank of Mobile, wired Mobile legislators that “unless anti-prohibitionists win, please give notice that Mobile is prepared to secede from the State of Alabama.” Did you know?The Dauphin Street area has experienced a recent revival because of the historic preservation movement. In 1907, when state legislation was seriously considering passing a prohibition bill, a delegation led by Mobile’s mayor traveled to Montgomery to try to prevent it. In the nineteenth century, when the cry of “ Fire!

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